Ingkarat “Ryu” Damrongsakkul

Ingkarat “Ryu” Damrongsakkul อิงครัต ดำรงค์ศักดิ์กุล plays Oat, an orphaned 11 year-old boy who faces an uncertain future when his older brother must submit to Thailand's annual military draft lottery.

Toni Rakkaen

Toni Rakkaen (IIrah Wimonchailerk) อิรา วิมลชัยฤกษ์ plays the Adult Oat who looks back on his life on the day of his own draft.

Thira “Um” Chutikul

Thira “Um” Chutikul ถิร ชุติกุล plays Ek, Oat’s older brother, who struggles with the pressure of being the family’s breadwinner, especially when he faces the possibility of being drafted to the military.

Arthur “Jin” Navarat

Arthur “Jin” Navarat อาเธอร์ นวรัตน์ plays Jai, Ek’s boyfriend who recently discovers the challenge their different social class poses to their relationship as they enter the real world of adults. 

Natarat Lakha “Nut”

Natarat Lakha “Nut” ณัฐรัฐ เลขา plays Kitty, a pre-op Male-to-Female (MTF) transgender, who is best friends with Ek and Jai and acts as a protective big sister to Oat.

Vatanya “Jim” Thamdee

Vatanya “Jim” Thamdee วทันยา แต้มดี plays Auntie, a superstitious and cynical woman reluctantly left in charge of her two nephews when their father (her brother) passes away. 

Anawat “Boat” Patanawanichkul

Anawat “Boat” Patanawanichkul อนวัช พัฒนวณิชกุล plays Junior, the son of a powerful neighborhood mafia boss who constantly terrorizes Oat and his brother.

Warattha Kaew-on

Warattha Kaew-on วรัตน์ฐา แก้วอ้น plays Kwan, the daughter of Auntie and Oat's cousin, who loves to play tricks on the two brothers.

Nuntita “Belle” Khampiranon

Nuntita “Belle” Khampiranon นันทิตา ฆัมภิรานนท์ makes a special appearance as a singer at the bar where Ek works.

Michael Shaowanasai

Michael Shaowanasai ไมเคิ้ล เชาวนาศัย makes a special appearance as an abrasive customer at the bar where Ek works. 

Seksan “Deaw” Suttichan

Seksan “Deaw” Suttichan เสกสรร สุทธิจันทร์ makes a special appearance as Ek's bad-boy colleague at the bar. 

Kowit Wattanakul

Kowit Wattanakul โกวิทย์ วัฒนกุล plays Sia, a powerful mafia boss who owns all the businesses in Oat’s neighbourhood.